The Davale Miniatures' origin is born when his founder was just a wargames customer who felt the desire of creating his own miniatures. The trajectory began creating miniatures in scale 28/32mm being able to use on wargames with similar performance. 
This project was started with small and maximum budget: 500€. That's why we have been releasing miniatures slowly, we have to sell the product just dropped out in order to invest in new releases. We didn't have external investment since the beginning.
For us, it's way comfortable to create something and see how people are liking it and knowing that they want it. Because of this, we are working to bring them more products besides miniatures, and hope our customers are going to like it.
We are glad for everyone who asks about our products, about the future of our little brand and encouraging us to continue.
You can share your things with me on Facebook and Instagram.
Again, thank you for the amazing support. You made this possible since we started.